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The rollover.

It's the first big achievement in your baby's life.

A time of joy—until he decides to practice his new moves on the changing table. Pretty soon he’s plotting his escape, squirming and scooting, wiggling and wrangling, and the term “diaper duty” takes on a whole new meaning. Stop the wrestling match with the Hulabye Happy Changer™. Our patent-pending vest design works with a stiff-backed, contoured changing pad, keeping baby on his back for a smooth, secure and struggle-free diaper change.

  • one size fits all
  • easy hook and loop closures
  • prints and solids to complement any nursery
  • plush fabrics for comfort
  • machine washable/dryable
  • stays on the changing pad so you’re always ready for the next change!

Less wiggle and more giggle in 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Secure the Happy Changer™ to your changing pad by wrapping it around the pad and securing it with the hook and loop closure

Step 2

Lay baby on the opened vest and insert baby's arms through the armholes

Step 3

Close the inner vest flap

Step 4

Pull the outer vest flap snugly across baby’s torso and secure with the hook and loop closure

Hulabye Diaper Changing Helper

For a closer look, watch the video:

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